There’s 1 Important Thing Missing From Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Campaign Ad

Critics spotted a glaring omission from the former Trump White House press secretary’s video.

Critics spotted a major flaw with Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new campaign ad for governor of Arkansas.

Namely, the state’s name did not appear in the 29-second spot released by the former Trump White House press secretary on Wednesday.

Instead, the video contained what detractors described as just “candidate buzzwords” aimed at stirring the MAGA base.

In the ad, Sanders claims saying “no” to her children as a mother was “the perfect training” for her role in the Trump administration ― which was characterized by her frequent lying on behalf of former President Donald Trump. She even confessed under oath to lying to journalists.

“As governor, I will say no to (President Joe) Biden and the radical left’s agenda, but yes to good schools, lower taxes and higher-paying jobs,” she says in the video. “This is about our freedom and their future.”

The ad ends with a dig at CNN, the network repeatedly dubbed “fake news” by her former boss Trump.

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