Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Stop Bugging Me About The New York Times' Trump Op-Ed

The White House press secretary directed all questions about that piece to the newspaper's opinion desk.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a tiny request: Please stop asking her about that pesky little New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous White House official.

The White House press secretary’s job is to answer questions from the press and, yes, spin them in ways that make her boss, President Donald Trump, happy. It’s not an easy job, considering Trump’s impulsive personality and unpredictable behavior, and this particular news story seems to have really put her on edge.

On Thursday, Sanders tweeted a message addressed to all the people “asking for the identity of the anonymous coward” (basically, everyone).

Yes, the tone was prickly enough to make a cactus jealous ― and yes, it basically urged people to harass the New York Times opinion desk.

Sanders may not want to respond to media inquiries about the op-ed, and she probably won’t address some of the questions posed by Twitter users either.

One person had a question more geared to The New York Times.

Others offered Sanders a little helpful advice.

One person had a theory why Sanders was so combative.

Another reminisced about the days when things were simpler, so much simpler.

One woman was ready to follow Sanders’ suggestion.

HuffPost reached out to The New York Times, which had no comment about Sanders’ tweet.

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