Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Emoji-Filled Tweet Brings Joy And Confusion

At least we could pronounce covfefe.

And you thought President Donald Trump’s covfefe tweet was strange.

Barely two weeks after Trump’s infamous bizarre tweet, a mysterious post appeared on the Twitter account of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the deputy press secretary, Saturday morning that was filled with emojis and nonsensical characters.

Twitter users quickly assembled to make jokes and attempt to decipher what happened with Sanders’ social media account.

Some speculated that she might have been hacked. Others wondered if it was a distraction from important issues, such as the Russia probes, the possible existence of tapes featuring fired FBI director James Comey, Qatar’s diplomatic crisis or the yet-to-be-released massive infrastructure plan.

In reality, Sanders said her 3-year-old, Huck, stole her phone. The White House official tweeted her explanation about two hours after the original tweet went up.

The tweet has triggered some of the best entertainment seen on Twitter this year.

Thanks Huck, we all need some fun!

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