Sarah Jessica Parker Says Ellen Can Play Samantha In 'Sex And The City 3'

"I am a sexual beast," the talk-show host quipped.

Sex and the City” fans had their hopes dashed last fall, when star Sarah Jessica Parker announced that a third film based on the HBO franchise was definitely not happening

Since then, there have been conflicting reports as to what went on behind the scenes ― many of which have focused on Parker’s relationship with her costar, Kim Cattrall, who has expressed no interest in appearing in a third film.  

On Tuesday, Parker popped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she and the host hatched a hilarious plan to get “Sex and the City 3” made after all ― by having DeGeneres take over Cattrall’s role of man-hungry Samantha Jones. 

Parker, 52, stressed that she and the SATC team would first have to endure a “period of grief” following Cattrall’s departure. “And then, perhaps, we’ll be able to consider, say, for instance, you playing Samantha,” she said, gesturing toward DeGeneres. 

It sounds like DeGeneres, 59, would be up for the challenge of stepping into Samantha’s stiletto heels, even though she might have some competition for the part. 

“That’s who I identify with on that show,” DeGeneres quipped. “I am a sexual beast.” 

While plans for “Sex and the City 3” have for months appeared dead, it sounded as if Parker, who currently stars on HBO’s “Divorce,” would like to keep open the option to revisit the series. 

“I don’t know. Last week I said no,” she said, when DeGeneres pressed her to confirm that there would definitely be no third film. “I feel like, maybe, I don’t know. Who knows? Right now, I don’t know.”



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