Sarah Jessica Parker Explains Why She Chose A Surrogate

Sarah Jessica Parker covers the December issue of Elle, and inside she talks about her SATC costars and twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, born in June to a surrogate who is now at the center of a scandal. Two Ohio police chiefs now face trial for snooping on the surrogate in her home for tabloid fodder.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On her love for Sex and the City co-star Kim Cattrall:
"I don't think anybody wants to believe that I love Kim. I adore her. I wouldn't have done the movie without her. Didn't and wouldn't."

On her decision to use a surrogate to carry her twins:
"I knew there would be lots of opinions about, 'Well, why didn't you adopt? Why didn't you do this? Why didn't you do that?' and the truth of the matter is, it wasn't one or the other for us. We had explored, and continue to explore all options, and this one just happened first. This isn't the period at the end of the sentence."

On being a hands-on mom:
"I love the smell of diapers; I even like when they're wet and you smell them all warm liked a baked good. I love the smell of Balmex. Love it."

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