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We Couldn't Help But Wonder If Sarah Jessica Parker's Platinum Lob Is Real

Sex-y new haircut and the city.

For all her post-“Sex and the City” business endeavors, new acting roles and solid personal Instagram activity, there will always be a small part of us that believes Sarah Jessica Parker is, and always will be, Carrie Bradshaw.

That’s why her new haircut and color ― a piece-y platinum blonde lob ― has us jumping up and down in our (imaginary) Manolos.

Parker was spotted on set of her new movie “Best Day of My Life” in New York City Tuesday sporting a cut and color not so dissimilar from Bradshaw’s look during season 5 of the hit series.

You know the era: Carrie gets a book deal, Samantha gets a chemical peel and Miranda goes to Weight Watchers. That one.

Season five vibes. 
Season five vibes. 

We couldn’t help but wonder... is the summery look a wig or the real deal? HuffPost reached out Parker’s rep, who declined to confirm. Either way, we are totally digging the new ’do, and not just for nostalgia reasons. She looks gorgeous!

Now, excuse us while we imagine her showing off her new look over brunch. Or cosmos. Or shopping. You get the point.