Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Favorite 'Sex And The City' Episode

Sarah Jessica Parker talked about "Sex and the City" during a speed round on "Watch What Happens: Live." She barely had time to think or react to the questions, but she did manage to reveal which guy she thinks Carrie should have wound up with, as well as her favorite episode.

For sentimental reasons, Parker said that she felt Mr. Big was the right guy for Carrie. As for her favorite episode, Parker went all the way back to the fourth episode of Season 1 with "Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys." The episode featured Timothy Olyphant and a rather unorthodox cab conversation. Let's just say, Samantha's declaration that "a hole is a hole" will forever be etched on our brains!

As for a third movie, SJP made it clear that it's pretty unlikely by saying, "There’s a story that could be told, but I don’t know that we’ll ever tell it."

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