Teen Rocks T. Rex Costume, Crowned Homecoming Queen

It's like a heartwarming ’90s teen movie in the making.

A Colorado high school senior warmed hearts everywhere when she was crowned homecoming queen while wearing a giant T. rex costume.

Sarah MacDonald attended spirit day at Colorado Springs Liberty High last week wearing the massive costume, which flops about hilariously as she runs in the video below.

She and her boyfriend were nominated for homecoming king and queen ― and won later that evening. MacDonald posted the video and an account of the day on Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube page.

“Overall just an amazing and hilarious experience,” she wrote on EllenTube.

MacDonald’s spirited efforts follow those of a rockstar little girl who worea hot dog costume to Princess Week earlier this year.

Sometimes it takes a princess in a hot dog costume and a homecoming queen in a T. rex suit to remind you to always be yourself.