Sarah Palin Hopes Bill Maher's 'White Wimpy A#*' Gets Flattened After Trig Palin Slur (TWEETS)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blasted comedian Bill Maher on Twitter Wednesday after learning of a slur he directed at her special needs son, Trig Palin.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal relayed background Wednesday on the apparent incident from last Saturday, which saw former local TV personality Ron Futrell get escorted out of Maher's show for criticizing the host's decision to call the child "retarded."

Palin's first tweet was of a Breitbart report on the same events that occurred, followed by two comments aimed directly at Maher.

The Review-Journal piece described Futrell as an "outspoken conservative known for his Twitter rants. Breitbart report adds that Futrell revealed more details on the altercation within his personal blog.

Maher chose to make a joke about Palin’s son, Trig and in the process he used the “R” word to describe this 5 year old special needs boy. Of course, since Trig is Palin’s son, he is a target of the left. Special needs be damned, there are jokes to be made by “caring compassionate” liberals. I was so disgusted and a bit surprised that I forgot the exact joke. Perhaps he saves this joke for live audiences only. The audience of more supposed compassionate, caring leftists loved the joke and roared with laughter.

Palin herself has been the butt of Maher's jokes on several occasions. Back in February, he explained how Palin's exit from Fox News was actually bad news for the left.



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