Sarah Palin Booed On 'Dancing With The Stars?' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Was Sarah Palin Booed On 'Dancing With The Stars?'

Sarah Palin was in the audience to support daughter Bristol Monday night, (watch Bristol's performance here) and just before host Tom Bergeron interviewed Sarah, the audience was filled with boos. But watch the video below, were the boos in response to contestant Jennifer Grey's scores or to Palin? You decide. The video is underneath the AP article on the evening, which does not mention any boos.

Watch Bristol's high-scoring quickstep here.

LOS ANGELES -- Sarah Palin may be outspoken, but she kept her opinions to herself on "Dancing With the Stars."

The former vice-presidential candidate was in the ABC ballroom Monday to cheer on her daughter, whom she called "Bristol the pistol."

Palin had only good things to say about her daughter's competitors and the show's three judges when interviewed briefly by show host Tom Bergeron.

Palin praised the "courage, joy and exuberance" of the dancers and kept mum about the judges, saying, "It's like a hockey game. You're not going to chew out the refs before your team is up."

Bristol Palin was the night's final performer, collecting 22 points out of 30 for her quickstep with professional partner Mark Ballas.

So what's it like to have mom in the audience?

"It's awesome," the 19-year-old said.


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