Sarah Palin Claims She Hunts to Feed Her Family but Her Trip Cost $42,400!

That's mighty expensive caribou meat; in fact the caribou Sarah bagged on her reality show cost $141.33 per lb. She's not so self sufficient, as she makes out.

Hunting for caribou means "food on the table and in the freezer for a lot of Alaskans," the former governor extolled. She opened her freezer to let us see how the Palin meat pantry was getting bare.

"For many people in remote areas of Alaska, there's no grocery store nearby, we just got to get out and hunt," enthused Sarah. The only thing is that getting out and hunting for Sarah turned out to be an adventure requiring three separate airplanes to get her to her hunting spot with her father and family friend Steve Becker. researched the logistics and cost of Palin's hunting trip, which resulted in a bagged caribou, and discovered that it was a mighty expensive way to feed the Palin family, at $42,400 for the trip.

The grand total to charter a Dehavilland Dash plane from Era Alaska to travel round trip from Wasilla's Palmer airport to Deadhorse, Alaska was $37,600. In Deadhorse, the Palins switched to a 6 seat Cessna C207 Skywagon which they flew into the Kavik River Camp, at $1200 for the round trip, according to Lori Goodman, director of sales and marketing of Era Alaska, the company which chartered the planes for the Palins.

Once in Kavik, the Palins spent two nights at the Kavik River Camp at $250 a person per night, for a $750 total.

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