Sarah Palin Raises Eyebrows With Her Reasons For Possible Comeback Campaign

The former Alaska governor riffed on Donald Trump, "wussy pussy stuff" and "cojones" to Fox News' Sean Hannity.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) on Thursday dropped her strongest hint yet that she’ll seek a return to political office.

But the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate and “Masked Singer” alum’s reasons for a comeback raised eyebrows among social media users.

“There is a time and a season for everything and if this season is one where I need a more official platform to have then, yeah, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring because we need people that have cojones,” Palin told Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

“We need people like Donald Trump who has nothing to lose, like me,” she continued. “We’ve got nothing to lose and no more of this vanilla milquetoast namby-pamby wussy-pussy stuff that’s been going on.”

“That’s why our country is in the mess that we’re in, because people who run for office, they look at it as a job or as a business instead of as a calling,” Palin added, apparently forgetting Trump’s promises to run the country like his company.

Watch the video here:

Palin last week declared it would be “an honor” to replace the late Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) in Congress, saying she’d take his seat “in a heartbeat.”

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