Sarah Palin CPAC: 'Yes We Can' Has Become 'No You Can't' Thanks To Obamacare

Sarah Palin went after President Barack Obama for his foreign policy during the final speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday, and gave her own extreme take on how to handle foreign threats.

"Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke," she said during a biting, folksy 30-minute speech.

Many of her digs were targeted squarely at Obama. She mocked his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, doing an impression of Obama as weak and ineffective.

"Vladimir, don't mess around or you're going to feel my flexibility," she said, acting as Obama. "Because I've got a phone and I've got a pen, and I can dial it really fast and poke you with my pen. Pinky promise."

She also went after Obama for his "hope and change" 2008 campaign messages.

"That 'hope and change,' it went from a catchy campaign slogan to a reality, and along the way, 'hope and change,' 'yes we can,' it became 'no, you can't,'" she said. "No, you can't log onto the website. No, you can't keep your health care."

Palin doled out some praise: She thanked Texas for electing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and thanked him for giving Congress an "awakening" with a filibuster last year. "Liberty needs a Congress on Cruz control," she said. She urged the GOP to elect more politicians like Cruz -- a strong tea party backer -- rather than listening to the GOP establishment.

Palin also had advice for Republicans on women voters, with whom the party has performed poorly in recent years. After telling the men in the crowd to play games on their phones, she spoke directly to the "ladies" about why they shouldn't support Democrats.

"Women, don't let them use you," she said. "Unless you choose to be their political pawn or just their piece of accessory on their arm. Honey, that's not liberation, that's subjugation, and this sisterhood fights against that."

She ended the speech on a positive note.

"The best is yet to come," she said. "This is a great awakening. The age of Obama is almost over. The end of an error. He is the lamest of lame ducks. So expand our ranks, we can do this, expand our ranks to save our country. Because our sensible, imperative mission for small government and big freedom is big enough for every American who loves liberty and trusts the individual."

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