Sarah Palin Documentary Premiere: Film Opens To Nearly Empty Audience

The weekend after the final installment of the Harry Potter films premiered, select theaters around the U.S. debuted Sarah Palin's full-length documentary 'The Undefeated' to nearly empty theaters, reports The Atlantic.

As the publication's Conor Friedersdorf found out, a viewing of the film in Orange County, CA, included himself, two women (who lasted 20 minutes) and a brief visit from a couple with intentions not pertaining to Palin at all.

"Shortly before the end of the film, a young couple entered, walked to the back row, started making out, then interrupted their session and left (spoiler alert) as Andrew Breitbart, who made one of several guest appearances, started talking about eunuchs. Then I was alone again, working. Instead of researching civil liberties violations, or the war in Libya, or the contest to elect the next president of the United States, I was both a journalist and the only member of the public willfully paying attention to Sarah Palin, as if standing in for the pathologies of my profession."

An article from TIME magazine summarizes the failure succinctly:

"The Undefeated is proving an ironic title choice."

So far the film has received zero user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

To make matters even worse for Palin, John Wilson, president and founder of the Razzie Awards, told the LA Times in an interview about his interest in the documentary.

"She's the political equivalent of what the Razzies are all about," he said. "And she's hysterically funny if you don't stop and think, 'Oh, my God, she could've been vice president!'"

Palin attempted to squash rumors of her family's discontent over the movie's shortcomings.

"The UK Daily Mail reports that I was 'in tears' as Todd 'rages over Hollywood stars ripping' me in the new film 'The Undefeated,'" she wrote on her Facebook. "Huh? Really?"