Sarah Palin Emails Released By Alaska Government (LIVE UPDATES)

Sarah Palin Emails Released

The state of Alaska released thousands of pages of emails sent and received by Sarah Palin during her tenure as governor on Friday.


More than 24,000 pages, the dispatch comes in response to requests from media organizations, as well as individuals, under the state public records law during the 2008 presidential election. The emails were exchanged from when Palin first took office in December of 2006 through September of 2008. Emails sent by the former governor in the subsequent ten months through her resignation are expected to be disclosed at a later date.

During an appearance on "Fox News Sunday" last weekend, Palin said that she's not concerned that the emails being released could produce any damaging revelations.

"I think every rock in the Palin household that could ever be kicked over and uncovered anything, it's already been kicked over," she explained. "I don't think there's anything private in our family now. A lot of those emails obviously weren't meant for public consumption. They are between staff members. They're probably between family members."

The former governor added, "They'll never truly know what the context of each one of the emails was, or each one of the issues were that I was working on that day, or in that time period."

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