Sarah Palin Endorses Sharron Angle In Nevada Race: 'She's Got GUTS'

Sarah Palin Endorses Sharron Angle In Nevada Race: 'She's Got GUTS'

Ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is endorsing Republican Sharron Angle in her fight to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, the Daily Caller reports.

Chuck Heath, the brother of Palin, signaled to the news site that his sister intends to "actively help" the Tea Party-backed contender in her electoral fight.

The Daily Caller writes:

"She's got GUTS and is putting up with more crap than she deserves because the libs don't know what to do with her and the support she has," Palin said in a email provided to TheDC by Heath.

While Palin has not yet formally endorsed Angle in public before now, she said her support was offered to the Angle campaign when she recently made a donation to her.

According to a Washington Post project tracking endorsements made by Palin this election season, Angle is the fifteenth female candidate running for office the one-time Alaska leader has thrown her support behind to date.

While Palin has not yet formally announced her backing of Angle's campaign, news of the endorsement should come as welcome news for the Senate hopeful.

Since winning the Republican nomination to take on Reid, Angle's political operation has hit a fair number of speed bumps, which include repeated media-related gaffes and flare-ups related to her controversial views.

While it can be expected that Angle will seek to leverage Palin's conservative cred to score points with voters, it seems likely that Reid's camp could also aim to capitalize off of the ex-Governor's seal of approval.

The latest poll numbers out on Nevada's Senate race reveal the election fight to be developing into an extremely heated match-up.

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