Sarah Palin Featured in '09 Calendar

Sarah Palin Featured in '09 Calendar
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CHICAGO It could be the perfect holiday gift.

Liberals will find it funny, conservatives will be happy to see their new favorite month after month.

"The Sarah Palin 2009 Wall Calendar: A personal look at Alaska's Governor" sells here for $15.95 and includes more than 50 photos.

A blurb that went out as an advertisement to the Human Events email list:

Sarah Palin went from virtual obscurity to huge popularity as Presidential Candidate John McCain's running mate. Since then she has re-energized the Conservative base of the Republican Party. As a front runner in the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, she is showing America that she is willing to reform her own party and politics as usual.

Now you can have your very own 2009 calendar featuring never before seen photos of Sarah, with Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig Palin.

The ad notes the photos were done by Judy Patrick, her "long time friend," and who was Palin's Deputy Mayor of Wasilla.

In other Palin news, Tapper has a write-up of Gov. Ed Rendell saying some less-than-flattering things, and a new FEC report shows the McCain camp spent $110,000 on her hair and makeup.

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