Sarah Palin: Hilary Rosen Comments 'Awakened Many Mama Grizzlies'

Mama grizzlies are back, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said Thursday, and all it took was a non-stop news cycle of suggestions that they might be under attack.

Speaking with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Palin said that the comments made by Democratic strategist and former Huffington Post employee Hilary Rosen on Ann Romney, the wife of GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, had "awakened" apolitical mothers around the nations. Rosen said on Wednesday that Ann Romney had "never worked a day in her life," referring to whether she understood women's economic struggle. Romney has been a key surrogate for her husband on the issue, as some question whether Republicans have alienated women voters.

"Why is it that some on the left choose to divide, to incite with comments like that, instead of just respecting women's choices and what they want to do with the gifts that God has given them?" Palin said, claiming that Rosen had the "ear of the president," a charge that the White House has explicitly denied.

Romney, like Palin, is a mother of five children, and the former vice presidential candidate saw some irony in Rosen's criticism.

"Let me share with you a quick text my sister had sent to me," Palin told Hannity. "She said, 'Oh, wait, didn't these people slam you, who are the same ones slamming Ann Romney, because she stayed at home with five kids. Didn't they slam you for not staying at home with your five kids?'"

She continued, "It’s obviously not a mom thing they're slamming, it's a conservative thing."

Democrats and officials in the Obama campaign have spared no effort to distance themselves from Rosen's comments, even after her apology to Romney and plea for an end to the "faux war" against moms. President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and others in the campaign and administration have all spoken out to clarify that they believe being a mom is an incredibly important and difficult job.