Sarah Palin Impersonator Shows Up At CPAC (VIDEO)

A Sarah Palin lookalike caused a brief fuss at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, as many attendees appeared to believe that the former Alaska governor, who notoriously rejected an invitation to deliver a keynote speech at the conference, had stopped by for a surprise appearance.

Decked out with Palin's famous glasses, hairdo and iconic, oft-imitated red suit, the impersonator reportedly stirred the CPAC ranks just moments before former Massachussetts Gov. Mitt Romney was slated to take the stage.

According to Politico:

She resembled Palin but when she opened her mouth the attempt at an accent came off as more Chicago than Wasilla.

"I'm here for CPAC," said Patty Lyons, the name of the would-be Tina Fey, according to a young YAF activist who was escorting her. "Plus I heard they had some good mooseburgers."

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WATCH via Alex Seitz-Wald at ThinkProgress: