Sarah Palin Interview After Fox News Departure Addresses Mitt Romney Election Loss, Tea Party 'Fight'

Despite parting ways with Fox News, Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R) said she's not done sharing "the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic" in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee emphasized the 2014 elections, calling focus on the upcoming races "imperative."

"It’s going to be like 2010, but this time around we need to shake up the GOP machine that tries to orchestrate away too much of the will of constitutional conservatives who don’t give a hoot how they do it in D.C.," Palin said. "D.C. is out of touch, obviously."

Palin also reflected on the most recent presidential election, comparing Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan's 2012 loss to the own defeat she and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) faced in 2008.

"Conservatism didn’t lose. A moderate Republican candidate lost after he was perceived to alienate working class Reagan Democrat and Independent voters who didn’t turn out for him as much as they did for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008," Palin said. "Granted, those same voters also didn’t turn out for Obama as strongly either."

When asked about her reaction to the media declaring "both you and the Tea Party dead and buried," Palin said she was "raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season."

"When it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight!" Palin said. "But we delight in those who underestimate us."

HuffPost Media reported earlier:

Real Clear Politics was the first to report that Palin — who reportedly signed a $1 million-a-year contract with the network in 2010 — will not be renewing it. The New York Times' Brian Stelter later confirmed the news with Fox News.

A "source close to Palin" told RCP that she had turned down a new offer. Fox News merely told the New York Times in a statement that it wished her the best.

Click here to read the full Palin interview with Breitbart News, and watch a video of some of Palin's best Fox News moments above.

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