Sarah Palin Is Twit of the Week

Sarah Palin's Twitter account has been rich fodder this week for those of us who enjoy that lazy summer pastime of rolling our eyes at ex-half-governors who believe they have something to add to the national discourse via social media.

Her latest is a petulant, 9th grade, hand-on-hip screed directed at Barack Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. You can picture Sarah Palin and her inner circle of mean girl friends hanging out in front of her Twitter locker, and Sarah saying (just within earshot of Rahm Emmanuel whose locker is close by):

Uh oh... here comes Rahm Emmanuel, hands in his pockets, wearing an iPod and a baseball cap. He strides past Sarah and her henchgirls who crinkle their noses at him.

In my imaginary world he tweets back:

And then how about her Father's Day tweet? Talking about all the fathers in her life, whom she goes out of her way to name specifically, complete with an exclamation point for each dad. Well... almost all of them.

And what about the father of her only grandchild? The one she kidnapped from sheep hunting and stuck in a suit so he could stand with her at the RNC? The one who has recently brought to a close Bristol's abstinence tour and
so they can raise little Tripp together? (crickets) Maybe he'll tweet back at Mother's Day.

And finally, Sarah (as the ex-governor of an oil and gas state) had some words of suggestion regarding the oil spill and what it will take to stop the hemorrhaging of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

We don't need to simply imagine what
response to this might have been like we did with Rahm and Levi. This one I actually sent.