Liveblog: Palin Holds Her Own, But Biden Wins The Day

The Veep debate has come and gone. Biden was strong and hit the right emotional notes; Ifill wasn't in the tank; and Palin held her own, even if she didn't always quite make sense.

It's finally here! Tonight in St. Louis, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will square off in the first and only Vice-Presidential Debate, moderated by PBS' Gwen Ifill who will clearly be completely biased when asking Palin fact-based questions that she is completely unable to answer. Apparently she was mean to poor Dick Cheney back in 2004, and since Ifill is a woman and Cheney is a man, obviously she was being sexist. Damn you, liberal elites!!!

Here is our liveblog!

Update: Cover It Live is having issues. Standby.

Update II: It's working hooray! Drill baby drill!

Update III: We lost some people, sadly, because of the tech difficulties. But I am leaving the bios in place, dammit. There are two more debates. We'll get 'em next time.

[From earlier this evening]

Where was I? Oh yes. Tonight is the debate and we will be liveblogging it with a ridiculously star-studded cast of characters. I'm a little embarrassed by how good our slate is, frankly. Come back and watch this space tonight where we'll be kicking off probably before 9 p.m. because let's face it, this debate is a pretty huge television event. I am going to boldly predict a viewing audience in excess of 65 million people. And we will be there to liveblog it with gusto, and we hope you will join us when we do so.

So! Without further ado, here's our lineup, in alphabetical order because there's no way to rank them on awesomeness alone:
  • Alex Blagg, former co-editor of Best Week Ever blog and about-to-start editor of a new pop culture site on! He also has a lush, manly beard!

  • John Carney, Wall Street maven, managing editor of ClusterStock and former editor Dealbreaker, former corporate lawyer, and person who understands exactly what this whole bailout thing actually means!
  • Ana Marie Cox, Time blogger, Radar Washington editor, crackerjack Twitterer and person with whom I have been in bed! I hope she doesn't hog the sheets during tonight's liveblog!
  • Keli Goff, author of Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence, BET contributor, frequent cable commentator and HuffPo blogger!
  • Seth Herzog, New York comedian and host of the wildly popular weekly show "Sweet," plus a regular funny-face on VH-1 shows and Comedy Central, plus appearing in movies like The Baxter and The Ten!
  • Steve Krakauer, TVNewser scribe and person who will be faithfully reporting how different channels look during the debate, because tonight you get to choose! Also he will tell you about ratings!
  • Glynnis MacNicol, FishbowlNY co-editor and perennial HuffPo debate liveblogger, and person who has also been in bed with me and Ana! But we're not using that to sell this liveblog! We swear!
  • Kevin Madden, former spokesperson for Mitt Romney and current commentator on ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX and enough other networks to make up the entire alphabet, except maybe for Al Jazeera!
  • Ari Melber, correspondent for The Nation and contributor for the Politico, the Washington Independent, and the Personal Democracy Forum, who actually just flew in on Obama's plane! And boy are his arms tired!
  • Rachel Sklar, aka me, HuffPo's Senior Contributing Editor and writer/editor of "Eat The Press," which is where you are right now and which you immediately plan to bookmark! Also enjoys writing creative bios about people who may think twice about working with her again!
  • Rex Sorgatz, multi-faceted web guy who blogs at Fimoculous, was formerly the executive producer of, contributes to a wide range of magazines like New York and Wired, reported from the RNC for Radar, and has great taste in women!
  • Looking forward to seeing you later! Well, to you seeing us, and to all of us seeing Sarah Palin and Joe Biden battle it out to see who knows more about vice-president stuff! My money's on the guy with the mullet.

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