Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin Go Camping (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin, two famous reality TV moms, retreated with their children to the woods, going camping in Sarah's most comfortable environment for an upcoming episode of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska.'

Palin and her brood took Gosselin and her eight children into the wilds of Alaska for a bear fighting, gun shooting good time - but Kate didn't seem like too big of a fan of her first time camping. Most objectionable? The food, as hot dogs and berries didn't seem to please her palate.

The Palin and Gosselin children, meanwhile, looked to be having a better time, as did Sarah, who said people from the lower 48 states didn't quite grasp what it was like to live in the wild. No word on whether the Gosselin kids, some of whom were recently asked to leave school due to anger issues (though Kate insists they weren't expelled), told the Palin children that Santa Claus doesn't exist, as RadarOnline.com is reporting they told kids at school.

Also to be watched for: whether Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin bonded over their time on 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Check out the preview below, and catch the entire episode on Sunday night on TLC.