Sarah Palin: Katie Couric's Show Ending 'Didn't Surprise Me'

WATCH: Sarah Palin Takes Swipe At Katie Couric

Sarah Palin took a swipe at Katie Couric over the end of Couric's daytime show in a recent interview with "Extra."

Couric announced in December that the second season of "Katie" will be the show's last. The decision came after her deal with Yahoo!, where she debuted as the site's global anchor on Monday.

When "Extra"'s Mario Lopez asked Palin if she believes in karma, she replied, "I certainly believe that what goes around comes around."

She said that friends mentioned the end of Couric's daytime show to her, recalling, “I remember getting a couple of texts that said things like, ‘Oh, sorry that it didn’t work out there at CBS or ABC.'"

Palin also sounded off on Couric's ratings. "The ratings were going in the tank with her as one of the head honchos there in the newsroom at CBS and then it didn’t surprise me, her other move," she said. "Things weren’t going real well there, either."

Couric's show was actually the top freshman talk show during its first season, though the ratings may not have been what the show had hoped for. Sources said Couric was prepared to move on from the daytime show if she did not feel it was the right platform for her.

Palin famously sat down with Couric for a series of embarrassing interviews during the 2008 election. She has made it clear over the years just how much she despises the interviews, and has hit out at Couric before.

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