Sarah Palin: Letterman "Pretty Pathetic" For "Slutty Flight Attendant" Joke

David Letterman used Sarah Palin's recent trip to New York as inspiration for a top ten list in which he described her look as "slutty flight attendant." Fans of the governor are up in arms -- and Governor Palin herself responded to the joke by calling it "pretty pathetic."

The second "highlight" of Palin's visit according to Letterman: "Bought makeup at Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant look."

Palin, who was in New York for an autism awareness event before heading to Washington for a Republican fundraiser, responded to the jab from the late-night host on John Ziegler's radio show Tuesday afternoon, evidently missing Letterman's intended humor.

"Pretty pathetic, good old David Letterman, that old David Letterman, what a commentary there ... very sad to not recognize what this trip was all about," she said. "Just doing some good things here for some good people in New York... such a distortion." She added that she had not visited Bloomingdale's and concluded, "Slow news day, evidently."


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