Sarah Palin: Mama Grizzly Bears Are 'Serious.' Suggesting Otherwise Is 'Bear Propaganda'

Sarah Palin devotes a chapter of her new book "America By Heart" to defending the "Mama Grizzly" movement and her own feminist credentials in a segment that strangely starts by accusing citizens of the lower-48 of perpetuating "bear propaganda."

The thing about mother grizzly bears -- an animal that has been adopted as Sarah Palin's favorite personification of her brand of female candidate -- is that they're serious, Palin says.

"Beautiful, ferocious, serious-as-a-heart-attack creatures," Palin writes of the grizzlies.

And Alaskans know not to meddle with them.

"When you come upon one, you don't give her a hug," Palin writes. "You tread lightly. Because when the ones she loves are threatened, she rises up."

Apparently this is common knowledge on the Last Frontier, but nowhere else, according to Palin. She goes on to say that the rest of America is responsible for peddling "bear propaganda" through their rigid insistence on "portray[ing] these bears as cute and cuddly."

Looks like the Berenstains had it all wrong.

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