Most Voters Wish Sarah Palin 'Would Just Be Quiet'

Most voters want Sarah Palin to just go away.

Fifty-four percent of Americans say they've heard enough from Palin and wish she "would just be quiet," according to to an NBC/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll released Wednesday. Democrats were the most likely to agree, with nearly two-thirds wishing she'd be quiet. But nearly 40 percent of Republicans also wished she'd fade from the national dialogue.

Palin most recently made headlines with a column on Tuesday calling for President Barack Obama's impeachment. She's also endorsed candidates in a number of GOP primaries. A CNN/ORC poll released last spring found that 58 percent of Americans rate her unfavorably.

Palin isn't the only public figure voters are tiring of: 51 percent said they'd like to hear less from civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. Forty-five percent said the same of former Vice President Dick Cheney, 43 percent of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 40 percent of former Vice President Al Gore, and 32 percent of former President Bill Clinton.

The NBC/WSJ/Annenberg poll surveyed 1,137 voters between June 30 and July 7, using live interviewers to reach both landlines and cell phones.



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