Alaska Icy On Sarah Palin: Poll

Alaskans Icy On Sarah Palin

Not many Alaskans, Democrat or Republican, are fond of Sarah Palin, a recent Public Policy Polling survey finds.

According to the poll, Palin has a dismal 33 percent favorability rating in her home state. That's a 12-point drop from last winter, a similar poll finds.

The origins of her current ratings stretch beyond party lines, with the predictable chilliness of Democrats toward their former half-term governor matching the sentiments of both Republicans and Independents.

While Palin has substantial Republican support beyond state lines, 30 percent of the Alaskans surveyed by PPP view the former vice presidential candidate unfavorably. Among Independents, 65 percent have an unfavorable opinion of her.

Out of the ten states in which PPP has already conducted similar surveys on Palin's popularity, only the Democratic stronghold of Massachusetts has exhibited a lower favorability rating of the "mama grizzly" (27 percent).

As PPP notes:

What's more relevant is that a majority of voters in every single state we have polled so far on the 2012 race has an unfavorable opinion of her.

Those states include Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia, but no deep-red conservative strongholds yet.

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