Sarah Palin As President? Author Fred Rich Imagines A World Where That's True

Imagine A World Where Palin Is President...

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) was unsuccessful in her 2008 run for the vice presidency, but a new book puts her in the top spot, imagining a world where Palin is president of the United States.

"Christian Nation," a book by author Fred Rich, describes a world in which John McCain was victorious in the 2008 election over Barack Obama. In the novel, President McCain passes away, leaving America in the hands of Palin.

“If somebody like Sarah Palin, who holds so firmly to this conviction that America is and should be a Christian nation, what would happen if she actually had the power to implement it?” Rich said of his book, According to Politico.

Rich said the book "is not intended to be a shrill, bombastic addition" to the larger conversation about religion as much as an effort to highlight some religious "extremists."

"Those aren’t bad people -- I'm not hitting those people over the head. What I’m doing is shining a spotlight on the fact that some leading opinion makers -- and the ones that can drive the politics in this country -- are extremists.”

Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

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