Sarah Palin Resigning as Alaska's Governor (VIDEO)

For weeks, the rumors of a criminal investigation against the governor have been brewing. They are rumors, but are swirling fresh again with Palin's resignation.
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Sarah Palin's speech this morning rocked Alaskans and people around the country. Palin's predictability is her unpredictability. I'm seeing Alaskan flags on cars, in front of houses, some citizens expressing their own Independence Day. Other citizens are angry and playing the blame game; the bloggers, the MSM, Alaskan legislators, her family under attack, etc.

For weeks the rumors of a criminal investigation against the governor have been brewing. They are rumors, but are swirling fresh again with Palin's resignation. I'm holding my breath for the other "Naughty Monkey" to drop. Another theory for the resignation is that the Palins would have to disclose the book deal as well as other financial details as governor.

Sources say, the third in line for the governorship, Corrections Commissioner, Joe Schmidt, has declined to become Lieutenant Governor. There is no official word of who will become take Sean Parnell's position as he ascends to the governorship.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC is now claiming Palin has told some close to her that she is through with politics.

I have said Sarah Palin's political ambition combined with her intellect is like putting a jet engine on a golf cart; lots of horse power and no steering capabilities. Today she proved it.

Alaskans pride ourselves on our frontier spirit, but this isn't what we meant. There is much work ahead to put the drama behind us and carry on to the betterment of our state.

That's just how "mavericky" we are.



Rumors of an "iceberg scandal" have been circulating.

Resignation is certainly out of character for Sarah Palin. Senator Mark Begich had a meeting with Sarah Palin two days ago with no mention of her leaving office. Palin's press secretary, David Murrow had posted on his Facebook page Wednesday, "David Murrow is considering life's ironies." He was hired less than a month ago. Yesterday he wrote, "There's gonna be some fireworks this weekend!"

Palin's father, Chuck Heath, told Fox News that he thought her resignation was due to the negativity from the media. According to Heath, the governor was unable to be effective while she was constantly having to defend herself against ethics complaints and the media.

You betcha!



After Sarah Palin's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week she has announced she will be stepping down in a few weeks. In a press conference call this morning, Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin announced she will not run for re-election and is stepping down as governor.

She had a brief statement. She took no questions.

Her commissioners and Lt. Governor were with her at her home. Palin did not relinquish the reins of the state to the Lt. Governor while running for vice president.

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will step in as governor at the end of the month. He was defeated by Congressman Don Young in the Republican primary last year.



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