Sarah Palin Tries (And Fails) To Mock Tina Fey In '30 Rock' Spoof

Poor Dot Com.

Sarah Palin has every right to poke fun at Tina Fey after years of watching the "Saturday Night Live" star impersonate her. But the least she could do was make it funny. 

In a spoof of Fey's long-running comedy "30 Rock" named "31 Rock," Palin plays Lynn Melon, a conservative Liz Lemon knockoff who struggles to manage her television writers' room. 

Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, who apparently owed Palin huge favors, as well as original "30 Rock" cast member Kevin Brown (why Dot Com why?!) all make cameos in the 60-second spoof, produced by the conservative news website Independent Journal Review

If this is some indication that Palin is trying her hand at acting, lord help us all.

Watch the trailer above. 


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