Sarah Palin On 'Today': Why I'd Punch Someone In The Neck

Sarah Palin co-hosted the 'Today' show Tuesday and discussion topics included Oprah, motherhood and Jessica Simpson's pregnancy weight gain.

"Governor, I don't know how much weight you gained during your pregnancies," Matt Lauer said. "But how would you have felt had someone criticized you for gaining too much weight?"

"I would have wanted to punch 'em in the neck," Palin said. "Because it's none of anybody's business how much I would gain. You know why this is even an issue, Matt, is because that Hollywood image is full of itty bitty people, unrealistically tiny."

Later Palin weighed in on Ashton Kutcher being cast as Steve Jobs and called Tori Spelling an "inspiration" for balancing her event planning business with motherhood. She still hasn't seen "Game Change," but she admitted that "Tina Fey has been pretty clever" with her SNL impression.

Tuesday news broke that Levi Johnston, the father of Palin's grandson, is expecting another child with his new girlfriend.