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Sarah Palin Rocks Polka Dots On Her Toe Nails (PHOTO)

Sarah Palin isn't known for her outrageous style, save for her signature bouffant (which is so legendary that it's getting its own reality show).

After sticking with solid colored blazers, simple skirt suits and those conservative, smart-looking glasses, Palin grabbed the fashion world's attention when she showed up to the Iowa State Fair with a startling style surprise: spotted toes.

Caught by a keen Getty photographer (who is now the object of every fashion editor's affections), Palin's toenails were painted black polish with white dots.

The strategic beauty choice showcased the politico's playful side, proving to the folks at home that she's just a regular ol' American gal who likes painting her nails, eating apple pie and shooting things. Political statement, everybody!

Or, you know, maybe she just felt like painting her toes that day.