Sarah Palin: The Perfect VP Choice!

Could anyone think of a better choice for Romney than Sarah Palin? She is a proven vice presidential candidate.
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She's back.
She's tan.
She's rested.
And the former Governor of Alaska has even co-hosted a mainstream television show.

Who else has the experience of running for the vice-presidency for the Republicans?
Not one other politician other than Sarah Palin. And she might have some of the clothes the Republican National Committee bought her in 2008, which would save the party some money this time around.

As she proved on the Today Show on NBC, the bestselling author was shown to be reading several newspapers on live television. She seemed to enjoy not only being on NBC in the morning but also as a commentator on FOX News that night.

Palin is everywhere and has an opinion on everything. What a great choice to bring out some excitement for the Romney general election presidential campaign. Why worry about training Congressman Ryan or Senator Rubio or Governor Christie when you already have a real trooper who has been around the block only four short years ago? She has the experience of running for vice president. She knows the issues and has opinions on key topics of the day both foreign and domestic. She has the wardrobe.

Palin would bring out the real Romney. He would liven up and they would be a positive force on the campaign trail. They would drive Vice President Biden and others crazy. And, why waste valuable time trying to prep another possible VP GOP candidate for vice presidential debates when you already have a tried and true former VP candidate?

She has been around the track and knows Biden from 2008 -- remember she said, "Can I call you you Joe?" She is on a first-name basis already with the vice president.

And look what she has done since her run for the vice-presidency in 2008 to get up-to-speed on foreign policy and domestic issues. Just think how many trips abroad she has made since 2008 and how many meetings she has had with so many foreign leaders. Her popularity has risen not only in her own party but with independents & Democrats.

Romney has run for president before, in 2008, so why shouldn't he pick Palin who has also run before in 2008? They could run as the Ticket of Experience.

And, while she was too busy writing books and everything else to continue in her elected job as governor of Alaska, surely she can't be faulted for leaving that position. Voters wouldn't know if she might also leave the vice-presidency if the GOP ticket wins but, hey, that just adds to the excitement.

A lot of people have become bored with being vice president of the United States but most stay in the job they were elected to by the American voter. But think of the fun, and office pools, betting on when and why Palin might be leaving her job in the White House to pursue something more lucrative or more exciting.

No more "lamestream" media for Palin. She is in the mainstream. Her ratings on the Today Show were much higher than Katie Couric's. She has her revenge against the former CBS reporter who tried to humiliate her with tough questions like, "What magazines and papers do you read?"

After getting the best of Couric, it's time to take on VP Biden. Congressman Ryan is too full of facts on budgets and deficits that the public cannot get excited about. Governor Christie seems too tough to be second fiddle. And Senator Rubio hasn't even run for vice president before.

So, there really is no contest for the number-two spot on the Republican ticket. Sarah Palin is the person for vice president for the Republicans. A best-selling author and a mainstream television personality who knows how to get our attention, the former VP candidate would give some very necessary excitement to the Romney campaign.

As former GOP Presidential candidate Senator John McCain said on television the other day, jokingly: "I think it should be Sarah Palin." He encouraged the GOP presidential candidate to "go rogue."

There is no better GOP vice presidential candidate to go rogue with than Sarah Palin.
She is a proven vice presidential candidate. Could anyone think of a better choice for Romney than Sarah Palin? It would be hard to imagine...

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