Sarah Palin's ABC Interview: Question Suggestions... And What Was Actually Asked

UPDATE: The first segment of the interview is out. Here's a link to ABC and a link to two clips. Check back for more.

Earlier--- see below for suggested questions for Gibson's interview with Palin:

In a taped ABC interview scheduled to start airing today, Sarah Palin will have to think and talk for the first time since she emerged almost two weeks ago as John McCain's running mate. The McCain campaign has flooded Americans with a pumped-up conservative dream biography (save her teenage daughter's pregnancy) filled with tales of moose hunting, gun wielding, midnight running, and a snowmobile-racing husband.

When it has come to discussing issues that aren't part and parcel with Palin's biography, the McCain camp has recycled the same stump speech Palin delivered to 40 million Americans at the Republican National Convention. Many of those lines - like her "opposition" to the Bridge To Nowhere and her crusades against earmarks - have been proven false over and over again by multiple media outlets.

Tonight, we have the chance to see how Palin will react on the spot. Will Charlie Gibson, the anchor conducting the interview, give Americans what they need to hear from Palin in this series of first interviews.... her understanding of foreign policy, the economy, education, how to fix the mortgage crisis? Questions that any politician should be obligated to answer, especially when they are potentially going to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Gibson's last chance with the presidential candidates during the ABC primary debate blew up in a cavalcade of gotcha questions that had no bearing [to change on what the american public was going through. During the ABC debate, Obama was peppered with questions about his flag pin, the 1960's radical Bill Ayers, and a list of other rhetorical slanders. Gibson and his co-host George Stephanopoulos were reviewed quickly by the audience with boos.

To help Gibson get it right this time, and in the name of the American people's right to vote in a capable administration after eight years of disappointment, here's a list of questions he should ask Palin.

(ABC's interview will be broken up into segments airing tonight at 630pm, 11:30 pm on Nightline, tomorrow on Good Morning America, Friday night at 630pm and then in an hour long special for 20/20 on Friday night.)


1. With this "Maverick" slogan, you and John McCain appear to be trying to distance yourselves from President Bush and the Republican Party. What is it then that you dislike most about President Bush's administration? What would you change?

2. Some have pointed out that the meager Iraq troop cuts announced by the President on Monday are an indication that the surge isn't working as well as some politicians and members of the media are claiming. Please tell us what you think definines the surges as "successful."

3. Explain to us what it means to say "thanks, but no thanks" for that Bridge to Nowhere. Many media outlets are saying you were for the Bridge before you were against it. What happened?

4. Tell us about your position on global warming. Do you believe it's man-made?

5. The McCain campaign has claimed you've been attacked by the media. What's in bounds and out of bounds for you?

6. According to a recent Time Magazine article, Alaska ranks "No. 1, year after year, in money it sucks in from Washington." Can you explain why that is?

7. There has been a lot of talk about unfair slash and burn campaiging over the last two days. Your campaign even went after Barack Obama for using a common phrase about lipstick on a pig. What's your take on the episode?

8. The economy is front and center on Americans' minds. What would be your first fix in Washington to help fill up the nation's pocket book?

9. Joe Lieberman is helping you with foreign policy. Has he taught you anything you'd like to share?

10. Thanks for talking to us today, but why did it take you so long to do an interview?