'Sarah Palin's Alaska' NOT Renewed For Second Season: Report

One And Done: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' NOT Renewed: Report

'Sarah Palin's Alaska': one and done? You betcha, says one report.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the former half-term governor of Alaska turned reality TV caribou murderer Sarah Palin will not see her TLC program, 'Sarah Palin's Alaska,' return to the air for a second season.

Reasons are unclear, but insiders give two theories: one, committing to a second season could show signs that she's not committed to running for President in 2012; and two, she fears that if she does run, TLC would have to give equal air time to her would-be opponents for the Presidency.

If Palin's show does indeed end after one season, Sunday's season finale will also serve as the last episode of the series.

Palin's show generated plenty of controversy -- and plenty of ratings -- this season. In her first episode, she drew a TLC-record breaking five million viewers, only to see that number fall 40% to three million for her second episode.

She's dipped her toe in conventional reality show waters, hosting Kate Gosselin and her eight children on an ill-fated camping trip, and more controversially, has hunted in a number of episodes.

Her shooting expeditions have prompted outrage among many; in early December, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wrote a scathing critique of Palin's televised moose shooting for The Huffington Post, saying in part, "I don't watch snuff films and you make them. You weren't killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion, you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals."

In November, Alaska Wildlife Alliance director John Toppenberg alleged that Palin broke state law by fishing near a group of protected brown bears.

Palin hit back at conservationists for criticizing her support of the logging industry in late December, calling them hypocritical for using paper and pencil to write things.

In early December, it was reported that Palin was planning on doing a second season, and looking to cash in beyond the $250,000 per episode she made for each of the first season's eight episodes.

In other Palin television news, George Stephanopoulos in early January reported that Palin may delay her 2012 presidential run to continue reaping the benefits of her paid-contributor platform on FOX News. Conservative columnist George Will insisted that same day that Palin cannot win the presidency, a sentiment that fellow conservative scribe Charles Krauthammer agreed with in December.

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