Sarah Palin's Book Collaborator Penned Hard-Right Book Ripping Democrats For "Sex" and "Crime"

Sarah Palin has picked her writer, or co-writer, or ghostwriter (or what have you) for her upcoming and pricey HarperCollins memoir. It's Lynn Vincent, whose bio highlights being a features editor of World magazine, for conservative evangelicals. Seems to be the right fit.

But Vincent is also the author or co-author of a long list of books, one of the most recent, a 2006 hardback from Thomas Nelson, written with Robert Stacy McCain and titled Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime and Corruption in the Democratic Party.

Among their claims: "The Democratic Party is like the Gambino mob, but with matching federal funds." Its product description at Amazon kicks off with: "Shameless bribery. Illicit sex. Sweeping corruption."

McCain, by the way, is no relation to John but was once a member of a white supremacist group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Here is more from the publisher's description of Donkey Cons:

In this raucous, head-spinning look at the follies and felonies of today's most famous and infamous liberals, journalists Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain chronicle for the first time the rampant crime, sex, and corruption of the Democratic Party. Donkey Cons reveals:

--How corrupt Democrats in Congress outnumber corrupt Republicans by as much as three to one.

--How Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy were elected with the help of the Mob.

--What two eyewitnesses said about JFK's obsession with hookers.

--How union operatives take from working families to deliver millions of dollars to Democrats.

--How Democrats in the 1990's covered up a conspiracy one expert called "the largest incidence of obstruction of justice in American history."

--Why Democrats ignore crime victims and take the side of rapists, robbers, and cop-killers-then stump for the right of felons to vote!

From bribery, kickbacks, and sex scandals to espionage, terrorism, and rape, what was once the "Party of the People" has become a party with an appallingly long rap sheet. And this hard-hitting, sad-but-funny expose of the crimes of the Democratic Party finally puts all their misdeeds into perspective. Thoroughly researched, using outrageous anecdotes and intimate details, Donkey Cons shows that the serial corruption of the Clinton presidency wasn't an anomaly but a developing, unnerving pattern in the modern Democratic ethos. These are the stories the Democrats don't want you to read!

World Magazine's editor Marvin Olasky says on its site, of VIncent: "She combines guts and grace, as does Sarah Palin, so the book should be outstanding."

The Wikipedia entry for her co-author on the earlier book, Robert Stacy McCain, includes:

McCain has been criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center, who called him a member of the white supremacist hate group, League of the South and "has often inserted excerpts of material written by hate groups" into the Times. "In addition, McCain is the only national reporter to cover four conferences put on by American Renaissance."

Greg Mitchell's new book, "Why Obama Won," has a good deal more on Palin. Twitter feed here. He is editor of Editor & Publisher.