Sarah Palin's New Reality Show About Todd Palin Not Getting Any Buyers

Sarah Palin wants to produce a TV show about her husband's life as a snowmobiler, but so far, networks have been cold to the idea.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Palin and producer Mark Burnett are pitching a show that would turn the camera on Todd Palin's winning career on the circuit, but the price tag has driven bidders away. Discovery Networks, the company that ran her last show on TLC, paid over $1 million an episode for "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which ran in 2010.

Now, Discovery is unwilling to pay that price, as is A&E Networks. "Sarah Palin's Alaska" debuted to massive ratings, with network record audience of five million, but fell precipitously, including a 40% drop from its first to second episode.

The show certainly drew headlines, with her hunting escapades drawing criticism and her hosting of Kate Gosselin and her children. It was cancelled after its only season.

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