Sarah Paulson Likes To Carry A Little Piece Of Marcia Clark Around With Her

A little memento, if you will.

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” may have come and gone, but series star Sarah Paulson isn’t quite ready to let go of her role as Marcia Clark. (Rightfully so ― the actress gained plenty of acclaim for her work and recently won a Golden Globe for it.)

During her recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the actress revealed that she keeps a hairy memento from her time on set: the short, curly wig she wore to get into character as Clark.

“I travel with it, I take it with me to hotel rooms before I get ready for these events,” she told Colbert. “It’s just a way of communing with the thing that had been so great, which was wearing this thing on my head. I like to carry it around. It’s really nice to see it.”

The actress even wore it before appearing on the show, and Colbert made a point of letting the audience know. The late-night host pulled the wig from behind his desk and proceeded to try it on. 

Apparently, Paulson’s obsession with hair goes beyond the wig. The actress admitted to once sniffing the back of Cher’s head. 

“I was in her presence and I really wanted to go up to her but I was too nervous, so instead I went to the back of her and pushed my nose between her hair ― I parted it,” she explained. “I just hung out there for the count of one one thousand, two one thousand, and I think she was about to turn around [said in her version of Cher’s voice] so I jumped and went back.” 

Sarah Paulson, please don’t ever change.



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