Woman Accused Of Putting Dead Foot Skin In Roommate's Milk

You Won't Believe What She Allegedly Put In Her Roommate's Milk

Everyone knows that skin milk is worse than 2 percent.

A Mechanicsville, Maryland, woman faces charges of felony contaminating and second-degree assault after police say she tainted her roommate's milk with pieces of her skin on May 4.

Sarah Schrock, 56, is accused of putting skin shavings in a container of milk, which was then consumed by her roommate and one other victim.

From a release posted on the blog of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office:

After one of the victim's [sic] swallowed some of the milk, she began to choke on a substance in the milk. She then coughed up the substance and discovered what appeared to be human skin ... They subsequently poured the remainder of the milk into a strainer and found what appeared to be human skin shavings in the milk container.

The roommate told police that Schrock keeps foot shavings in a tray in her room, according to WECT.

The incident transpired several days after Schrock was served a peace order on May 1. Her roommate was protected by the order, and Schrock was arrested for violating it two days later.

"There appeared to be ongoing problems between the occupants of the home which led to the peace order and Schrock's arrests," Sgt. Cara Grumbles of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office told The Huffington Post.

Grumbles said she did not know whether the alleged milk tainting was perpetrated as retribution for the peace order.

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