Sarah Silverman Embarrasses Conan With iPhone Crotch Prank (VIDEO)

On Monday night's "Conan," Sarah Silverman debuted a new way to empower women. It involved an iPhone, Conan O'Brien's mouth, and her crotch -- and it results in a very embarrassed Conan O'Brien.

After showing an email from her her father, whom the world recently learned is a serious contender for World's Best Dad after publicly smacking down a rabbi who condescended to Sarah's life choices, the comedian couldn't wait to show off a new prank she came up with. After taking a photo of Conan's pursed lips on her iPhone, she then pulled the photo up on the screen, and brought it down to her crotch. Conan's Irish-Catholic body shame got the best of him, and could barely contain his shock over her stunt.

"Now I really wish you still had the beard," sidekick Andy Richter quipped.

But Sarah explained that Conan's discomfort was part of the point. "I think it's good to get used to the lady parts and not make them shame-filled things," she explained.

And she was successful: By the end of the segment, she had both Conan and Andy singing the word "vagina" at the top of their lungs.

Incidentally, Sarah was promoting her new Disney movie, "Wreck-It Ralph," which does not have any vaginas in it.



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