Watch Sarah Silverman's Failed NBC Pilot, 'Susan 313'

Last year, NBC announced that it was passing on a pilot from Sarah Silverman entitled "Susan 313." For the first time, viewers can watch that pilot in full.

The show would have marked Silverman's return to television after her acclaimed Comedy Central show, "The Sarah Silverman Program." Unlike that show, which had its roots in absurdist sketch comedy, "Susan 313" appears to have been conceived as a much more traditional sitcom in the vein of "30 Rock" or "New Girl."

"This isn't like, 'Can you believe they didn't pick this up?'" Silverman says in a brief announcement before the pilot, which is featured on the YouTube channel JASH. "They probably did the right thing. But we liked the show."

"Susan 313" was produced and developed by Ron Howard, and starred Silverman as Susan Farrow, a woman moving back into her old apartment building after the end of a 10 year relationship. Her costars in the pilot are Harris Wittels, Tig Notaro and June Diane Raphael as her neighbors. Jeff Goldblum makes a cameo as Susan's ex-boyfriend.

Silverman's first HBO stand-up special, "We Are Miracles," will air November 23.



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