Sarah Silverman Mocks Voter ID Laws With 2012 Election PSA (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sarah Silverman Mocks Voter ID Laws

Sarah Silverman isn't taking the voter ID laws complicating the 2012 election lightly. After all, who's going to look out for black people, poor people, old people and students if not America's potty-mouthed comedic sweetheart?

Making it illegal to vote without a photo ID is supposed to prevent voter fraud, but as Sarah points out in this NSFW PSA, some politicians like Rep. Mike Turzai (R-PA) really want voter ID laws in place to prevent certain demographics from voting (for Barack Obama). Also, what exactly is all this "voter fraud" we're supposed to be so afraid of?

"Oh yeah, all that crazy 'voter fraud' that's going around. There's so much 'fraud' around that free, anonymous civil right," she jokes.

If that weren't enough, Sarah points out that U.S. Veteran photo ID cards, social security cards and student IDs are not accepted under the laws, but you can use gun permit IDs. You just can't make this stuff up.

Watch Sarah's PSA above and go to for more information.

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