People Are Laughing At The Name Of This $9 Product On Amazon, But It's Wildly Popular

Sarah Silverman unearthed these "Pooplunch" falsies on her podcast, and they're jaw-dropping in more ways than one.
Pooplunch false lashes are availab;e on Amazon
Pooplunch false lashes are availab;e on Amazon

Have you ever found yourself browsing Amazon’s highest-rated and most customer-beloved items, only to be confronted by brand names that are made from some of the strangest assortment of letters or words that you’ve ever encountered? Perhaps a popular car-cleaning paste from PULIDIKI or a viral drill brush from Holikeme has crossed the “trending deals” module of your Amazon landing page, and you’ve found yourself scratching your head at the inspiration behind the branding.

You’re not alone in your puzzlement. On the latest episode of her eponymous podcast, comedian Sarah Silverman described a (highly relatable) beauty urge that sent her in search of false eyelashes on Amazon. Upon quickly sussing out a $9 option that, in her words, “seem[ed] easiest” and had the “highest whatever rating,” she browsed to the product’s landing page only to discover an utterly mystifying brand name: Pooplunch. “I need someone to explain this,” she said.

While the coprophagic nomenclature may have you either clutching your pearls or ROTFL-ing, the beauty product’s name isn’t the only thing that’s worthy of public attention. It turns out that the set of lashes — available in a dizzying array of styles with names like “cat eye,” “explicit,” “popping” and “gentle” — have a solid reputation among Amazon customers, with a 4.3-star rating and nearly 22,000 5-star reviews. (The synthetic lashes promise a “silky-soft” finish and are equipped with a cotton band that promise to feel weightless on your eyelids.

Check out some of the most salient Amazon reviews below, which run the gamut from total satisfaction to disappointment at a lack of merch.

“Okay so I bought these for two reasons.
2. Good reviews
These lashes are gorgeous. They look natural.I have no complaints*! Buy them.
I’m too lazy to upload a photo where I’m not making a goofy face.

*Disclaimer - my only complaint is that there was no fun POOP LUNCH paraphernalia. Best company name ever and no fun sticker or anything? Bummer.” — Kelly J Morrison

“I have bought these at least 17 times in the last year because I am absolutely obsessed with the Foxy style lashes. These are the only lashes that have complimented my eye shape in the best way and given me that flirty, girly, date night sultry eye look that I love. I clip the lashes as cluster lashes and apply them with lash glue bond/seal and they last me for over a week+ even with washing my face, showering, gym time etc. obsessed is such an understatement. If they ever stop making these lashes I will pass away.” — Stephanie A Flores

“these are my go to eyelashes for when I want to be a little bit more dramatic. They’re very full and wispy… and also reusable They go well with almond shaped eyes (which people suggest that with almond shaped eyes, you use cat eye eyelashes)and sometimes I’ll cut maybe two lashes off at the end so that they fit my eye width and not poking me in my inner corners. I would say they’re very fluffy and thick. They look like a fresh set of individual eyelashes. C/D CURL. You can still wear eyeshadow with it if you want a more extra look. You can also wear them alone.” — Jjuut

“Kay so…. Poop lunch…. They eat. Idk” — Emily

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