Sarah Silverman On Her 'SNL' Stint

Sarah Silverman stopped by HuffPost Live and no topic was off the table, including her brief stint with "Saturday Night Live."

Silverman said she was hired -- and almost immediately fired by "SNL."

"It wasn't like I did something wrong," Silverman said. "... I was that last year of the old guard and they started anew. And by the way, I wrote not a single funny sketch, so that might have something to do with it too."

Silverman appeared during the 1993-1994 TV season as a featured player.

"It was a bizarre year! Because it was like ... it was that the old guard was still there, but the new guard was coming in. It was a crazy cast. Al Franken -- you know, Senator Al Franken -- Julia Sweeney, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, [David] Spade," Silverman told The Huffington Post's Mike Ryan. "It was a crazy mix of people and I think a very different place than it is, I would guess, now. They all seem to be buddies. You know, I mean, I was not at a place where a Tina Fey would be the head writer [laughs], do you know what I mean? But I was madly in love with the head writer, Jim Downey. He's still there. He's awesome. He's been there since day one and he's so, so funny."