Sarah Silverman: Lucky I Don’t Have To Sew New Walk Of Fame Star On My Clothes

The comedian noted the rise in anti-Semitic crime in America under Donald Trump's presidency on "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Sarah Silverman received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday.

And in the comedian’s later appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” she used the accolade to highlight the rise in anti-Semitism in America since President Donald Trump entered the White House.

“In a time... where anti-Semitic crime is up 57 percent since this douchebag has taken office, it is not lost on me that I am very lucky that I get a star and I don’t have to sew it on my clothes,” said the host of Hulu’s “I Love You, America.”

She was referring to the requirement in Nazi Germany that Jews wear identifying badges.

“I don’t know if that’s gallows humor or just like it’s funny ’cuz it’s true humor,” she added.

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