Viral Video Turns 96-Year-Old Grandmother Into An Internet Dance Sensation

Shirley Goodman credits dancing with helping her survive two open-heart surgeries.

Shirley Goodman may be getting up in years, but she’s not letting that stop her from getting down.

The 96-year-old grandmother in Sarasota, Florida, has become a viral hit thanks to a video of her dancing up a storm to a Bruno Mars song, according to “Inside Edition.”

It started when Goodman’s grandson Todd posted a video of her doing the Tush Push line dance on Facebook.

“There is nothing in my life that I’m more proud of than the fact that this amazing 96-years young dancing machine is my Nana,” he said, according to WCJB-TV. “She is my inspiration, my motivation, my spirit and soul.”

Now Goodman has her own presence on social media in the form of an Instagram page called “The Dancing Nana.”

She credits dancing with keeping her fit and active even as she gets closer to the big 1-0-0.

“I’ve had two open-heart surgeries. I have a pacemaker and stent, and through all that I still recuperate fast and get back to dancing because my legs are still working well,” Goodman told “Inside Edition.” “The doctors tell me it’s because I have been dancing all my life.”



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