22 Signs You're The Sarcastic One In Your Friend Group

You, probably: "Sarcastic? Me??? Nooooo." 😏

It's not easy being the funniest, smartest, sexiest AND most sarcastic one in your friend group. Honestly who knows how you even deal with it. Sounds awful.

OK, jokes aside, it's safe to say you're loud and proud when it comes to being sarcastic. Yes, your sharp tongue and quick wit can come across a bit brash, but it's not your fault if people don't understand your sense of humor. After all mastering the art of sarcasm is a skill you'd hate to put to waste. 

  • 1 Your sarcastic commentary knows no limits.
  • 2 You're not exactly a "people person."
  • 3 You can be hilariously expressive at inappropriate times.
  • 4 And blatantly unexpressive, all in the name of comedy.
  • 5 You've been known to comfort your friends with the help of the world's smallest violin.
  • 6 You have a special way of expressing pride when a friend accomplishes something.
  • 8 You're not a hater, you're just shamelessly honest about how you're feeling.
  • 9 You find new and creative ways to clap back at the haters.
  • 10 You know sarcasm is easily your strongest suit.
  • 11 When you're clearly in a bad mood and someone still bothers to ask you how you're feeling, you can't resist the urge to crack a joke.
  • 12 You have a really hard time being friends with people who don't speak your "language."
  • 13 Regret is not an emotion you plan to feel ever. Unless you're being sarcastic about.
  • 14 Your sense of humor has no filter.
  • 15 You see the humor in everything.
  • 16 You have a way with words like no other.
  • 17 You don't mind if people take your sarcasm too seriously.
  • 18 And if anyone ever hates on your sarcastic ways, you just fire back with more.
  • 19 You've had to clarify when you're being serious and when you're being sarcastic.
  • 20 It actually pains you to have to make that distinction though.
  • 21 Anyone who loves and accepts your sense of humor automatically gets a million bonus points in your book.
  • 22 And when you find someone on your ironic level it's pretty damn magical.


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