Sardinia In Summer Is The Ultimate Place To Be

With vibrant towns, sandy beaches, gorgeous scenery, Sardinia is the place you must go in summer.

If you've yet to visit Italy's dreamiest island, it definitely should be added to your bucket list. Here's why...

1. Because "Costa Paradiso" truly deserves its name.
This spot on the northern coast of the island offers impeccable scenery, including that brilliant blue water. It's a popular vacation destination, with a small village, rocky beaches and prime snorkeling.

2. And so does "Costa Smeralda."
More beautiful beaches, waters and nature makes up the "Emerald Coast," located on the northeast coast. From golf courses to family-friendly resorts, there's an activity for everyone here.

3. Agriturismo.
Agriturismo or "agritourism" brings visitors to local farms and ranches in Sardinia. Visitors can stay at farm house resorts and experience the Italian countryside. The best part? All that delicious farm-grown food.

4. History buffs will go gaga for Nuraghi.
These "ancient hollow heaps" are unique to Sardinia and are a sight every history nerd should see.

5. Because La Pelosa beach's white sands and clear waters are simply breathtaking.

6. You'll drink some of the most delicious wine and eat the most delicious food ever.
Italian food in general is delicious... but Sardinian food? There aren't even words. Local farms grow fresh produce and vineyards produce incredible wine that can't be beat. Wine lovers can travel the Sardinian wine route and sample some of the finest vino around.

7. Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is just as stunning as its nearby beaches.
The lively city boasts a medieval center, cobblestone piazzas and tasty restaurants and cafes.

8. Isola dell’Asinara is the most beautiful former prison ever.
The former site of a maximum security prison, Isola dell'Asinara has a complicated past. Today the island has done a 180 and is a lush national park with lots of beautiful wildlife.

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