Sasha Obama's Election Night Skirt Was A Hand-Me-Down From Malia (PHOTOS)

We love everything about this.

Just when we thought we had examined every last detail of the Obama ladies' outfits from election night, there's a new development! The super sleuths over at Lucky figured out that Sasha Obama's green skirt, designed by the fabulous Chris Benz, was actually a hand-me-down from Malia! The First Daughters: they're just like us!

The printed skirt, which Sasha paired with a dark gray top, a light gray cardigan and colorful layered necklaces, first appeared on Malia in January 2011 at a White House State Dinner. Malia had worn it similarly with a cardigan and tank, but leave it to Sasha to add the punchy accessories.

While we definitely spent a good part of our childhoods complaining about hand-me-downs, never once were those old clothes Chris Benz skirts. Best hand-me-downs ever.


sasha obama

sasha obama

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